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  Recent Developments  

Varmora Plastech Pvt Ltd
GVFL invests 30 cr in Varmora Plastech
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GVFL Startup Fund
An Early Growth stage sector agnostic fund is actively looking for investments
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GVFL announces
Investment of Rs 40 Cr in Scheduler Logistics India Pvt. Ltd
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GVFL Investee Company Axio Bio Solutions Pvt. Ltd,
Raises second round of investment from Accel Partners and IDG Ventures

Alfa Corpuscles Pvt. Ltd:
Gujarat Biotechnology Venture Fund
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Windfarm Project of SITAC RE: Golden Gujarat Growth Fund-I..
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  Investment Philosophy  

At the heart of our approach to investing is an emphasis on building businesses which can scale and withstand the test of time. With an average investment period of nearly 5 years, we take long term perspective. This approach enables us to provide substantial resources and value edition to our portfolio companies, a critical advantage in the face of constantly evolving economic conditions and financial markets.

Broadly we look for investments which have the business characteristics represented in the following figure.