GVFL Startup Fund : This fund is closed for investment.

GVFL Startup Fund : This fund is closed for investment.

Gujarat Biotechnology Venture Fund

Gujarat Biotechnology Venture Fund was launched in 2005 at initiative of Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission. The Fund is a 12 year close Fund. The fund identifies start ups, early stage and existing companies in areas of Bio-Pharma, Agri-Biotech, Contract Research, Industrial Biotechnology and other potential areas in Biotechnology. The Fund invested into four companies and exited from one.

Gujarat IT Fund

Gujarat IT Fund was formed with an initiative from Government of Gujarat in the year 2000 to promote IT companies of the state. The fund is a niche fund focused at funding new and existing medium sized ventures in the IT sector. Profile of the investee companies ranges from Pure play Mobile VAS to radio frequency identification products to Solar based lighting. The fund has invested into 10 companies and exited from 4.

GVCF 1997

GVCF 1997 was launched for the small sector with emphasis on IT industry. The duration of the fund was 12 years. The broad theme of the fund was to support innovative software product based companies, across India. Investments were made in companies as diverse and innovative, as Chip designing to telecom based products. It has been liquidated with profits in 2008.