GVFL hosted its Annual Investors Meet 2023 in Ahmedabad on March 24.

The meet, organized in physical mode after three years, brought together more than 250 startup founders, investors, incubators, institutional investors, funds and other stakeholders to deliberate on a variety of topics including inviting trends, the future of startup investing, and more.

Experts at the Investors Meet spoke about the need for startups and businesses to relook at their business models and adopt more frugal practices to attract investor interest. They noted that where there is no crunch of funds, investors are going to be choosy about their investments. They stressed that startups will have to become more frugal and realistic, reduce expenses, and focus on profitability to attract investors. However, they pointed out that the situation was not a funding winter, but a return to normalcy from the unsustainable high valuations many startups had reached.

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