🚀 Exciting News from GVFL! 🌐 Delighted to share that GVFL has earned a spot in the list of top VC firms by deal count for 2023, as featured in Inc42 Media latest report. This recognition underscores our commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth in the Indian startup ecosystem.📊 The report provides extensive insights into the funding landscape, revealing a nuanced picture of the Indian startup ecosystem. In navigating the challenges of 2023, GVFL remains steadfast, showcasing the resilience and strategic foresight embedded in our investment approach.💬 ” GVFL is supporting promising startups with not just capital but also strategic value creation through its accelerator programs in partnership with top-notch accelerators like Brinc and Marwardi Catalyst ” Kamal Bansal, Managing Director.Special appreciation to our dedicated Investment Team and valued Partners for their unwavering commitment and seamless execution. Together, we continue to redefine the narrative of startup investments.Read the Inc 42 report here : https://lnkd.in/dSkstPYw

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