Reflecting on an Incredible Evening of Innovation and Collaboration at the eChai Ventures Startup Social with GVFL.
A big thank you to eChai Startup Social for organizing such a fantastic event at the GVFL office last Friday, providing a platform for meaningful interactions and fostering collaboration within the startup ecosystem. It was a pleasure to see the founder turning in good numbers and the GVFL team engaging with founders, sharing insights, and exploring opportunities for growth and collaboration. Together, we’re shaping the future of entrepreneurship and innovation!

Kamal Bansal | Mihir joshi | Jatin Chaudhary | Jimish Kapadia | Nikita Lalwani | Bhavesh Patel | Aditya Dave | Surendra Varma | Nishi Jain | Mitesh Shethwala | Syed Nadeem Jafri | Mittal Patel | Kumar Manish | Roshan Rawal | Satya Mehta | Harsha Bhurani | Rahul Tejwani | Ashwin Vairu | Shruti Kushwah | Sushil Agrawal | Jitendraa Lakhwani | Jay Dhadhal

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